Tesla stock falls as Musk smokes marijuana during podcast

Posted September 11, 2018

In a premarket SEC filing, the company said its chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, was quitting, effective immediately.

Shares of electric auto maker Tesla Inc. fell more than 6 per cent early Friday after the CEO appeared to smoke marijuana during an interview and the company's accounting chief left after a month on the job.

Musk stunned investors a month back with tweets saying he had funding to take the company private for $420 per share, which many thought was a reference to weed.

Musk was recently under fire after tweeting that he was planning to take the company private, provoking several lawsuits "alleging market manipulation" and a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission. "As a result, this caused me to reconsider my future".

Speaking to Joe Rogan in a recent podcast interview, Elon Musk has covered a wide range of topics from electric airplanes to living in a simulation.

The online incident follows turmoil at Tesla Inc. this week as the news that two senior executives have chose to leave the electric-car making company.

Shares of Tesla were down as much as 10 percent in early Friday trade, the biggest percent drop for the company since June 2016.

Late on Thursday, Musk was filmed smoking marijuana and drinking whiskey in a 2-1/2-hour live Web show with comedian Joe Rogan that swiftly spread across Instagram and other social media.

Later on Friday, Tesla named a new president of automotive operations, promoting eight-year Tesla employee and former Daimler truck exec Jerome Guillen into the role overseeing all automotive operations and reporting to Musk.

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Dartmouth College professor of corporate communication Paul Argenti said the latest controversy involving Mr Musk was not surprising.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock tanked on Friday, amid reports that its chief accounting officer and human resources chief resigned.

Tesla's board of directors is on the lookout for senior talent but is not actively searching for a chief operating officer, a person familiar with the board's thinking told Bloomberg News in August.

Along with his electric vehicle company, Musk heads up space exploration firm Space X, tunnel construction firm The Boring Company, and Neuralink, which works on augmenting human brains with artificial intelligence.

Tesla's stock took a dive on Friday after news broke that two executives were leaving.

Long a polarizing figure because of his swashbuckling style, Musk is seen by his champions as an entrepreneurial genius with the potential to remake the transportation system, while his detractors see him as an egotistical blowhard whose outsized promises have driven unjustified gains in the company's values.

Rogan pulled out a joint in the middle of the interview, leading Musk to wonder if it was a tobacco cigar or cannabis.

The stoned conversation between Rogan and Musk sounded like typical liberal arts college dorm room fodder, despite taking place between an MMA bro and the world's richest edge lord.