California Legislature Passes Bill That Would Increase Bar Hours

Posted September 02, 2018

The development came as lawmakers scrambled to pass bills ahead of a midnight deadline, addressing topics ranging from internet neutrality and smoking at state beaches. In June, Gov. Brown signed into law a sweeping new privacy law. Brown hasn't taken a position on the bills.

California's legislation restores net neutrality regulations first imposed by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015, during the Obama administration. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called net neutrality laws "micromanaging" of the internet, reported NBC back in November.

In what comes as a major blow to opponents of net neutrality, the state of California has succeeded in passing a bill that would effectively protect a free and open internet, joining four states including Washington and OR in doing so. "This should send a message to other states as well as to members of Congress-Americans are serious about the importance of net neutrality, and are ready and willing to fight for their right to create, communicate, and engage online without giant ISPs serving as gatekeepers". Also banned is zero-rating, or when ISPs offer free data, but only for the use of specific apps or services, in turn favoring certain companies over others. Now Santiago is all in: He has signed on as co-author and presented the bill on the Assembly floor Thursday. Telecom companies said they wanted to experiment with business models such as free streaming promotions over mobile phones with business partners.

Internet providers including Comcast and AT&T have lobbied against the law, and claim it could raise internet prices.

State Sen. Scott Wiener D San Francisco congratulates Sen. Nancy Skinner D-Berkeley after her bill to limit the state’s “felony murder” rule was approved by the Senate Thursday Aug. 30 2018 in Sacramento Calif. The state Assembly approved W

"The internet must be governed by a single, uniform and consistent national policy framework, not state-by-state piecemeal approaches", said Jonathan Spalter, President & CEO of USTelecom, a trade group representing broadband companies. Jerry Brown for signature. He said "light-touch" regulation would lead to more innovation, competition and cheaper prices for consumers. "We support an open internet, but this bill move us no closer to that".

After passing in the Assembly on Wednesday, SB-826 breezed easily through the Senate yesterday.

But critics of re-implementing a law like net neutrality or beginning a new era of digital privacy share similar concerns. In January, attorneys general of more than 20 states sued the FCC.

The FCC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. "They're still paying attention". Consumer groups, however, argued that the rules were vital to protect users at a time when internet providers are focused on buying up media companies and establishing Facebook-like businesses that mine user data for advertising purposes.

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