Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in the Senate

Posted September 05, 2018

That will go a long way toward pacifying activists in their base who demanded all stops be pulled in defeating Kavanaugh's confirmation, even if their previous nuclear-option strategy (authored by Harry Reid and Schumer) is what keeps Democrats from having any influence on the process at all. After conferencing over the holiday weekend, the Democrats barely let Kavanaugh's weeklong confirmation get started before taking over, essentially shouting down Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Grassley, after being called out for conducting the hearing with "mob rule", repeatedly slammed the Democrats as being out of order.

A Catholic, he has been a US Court of Appeals judge in Washington for the past 11 years.

Left-wing protesters heckled loudly throughout the hearings, held on Tuesday US time, and within an hour police had arrested over 20 demonstrators and ejected them from the committee room.

Just as important to me, he is the kind of person you want on the Supreme Court. With respect to Justice Kagan, I had a firsthand seat to that.

Kavanaugh is Trump's nominee to join the Supreme Court.

He called the Supreme Court "the last line of defense for the separation of powers (in the USA government), and the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution".

The panel's top Democrat, Sen.

Liberals are concerned that Kavanaugh could provide a decisive fifth vote on the nine-justice court to overturn or weaken Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion nationwide. "During that period of time, President Bush was considering same-sex marriage - an amendment to ban it - abortion, executive power, detainees, torture, Supreme Court nominees, warrantless wiretapping".

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Tuesday's hearing was interrupted and delayed by protesters and protests from Democrats who say the hearing should be delayed until they receive more documents from Kavanaugh's time working for President George W. Bush. We should have an open debate about this with the documents read, and so the American people can see them.

"It is about politics", said Cruz.

During his confirmation hearing for the appeals court in 2006, Kavanaugh assured Durbin that he had not been involved in White House discussions of torture or the treatment of enemy combatants.

"I believe it is vital that the President be able to focus on his never-ending tasks with as few distractions as possible", Kavanaugh wrote.

Kavanaugh is likely to be questioned about his views on investigating sitting presidents and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election and possible collusion between Moscow and Trump's campaign.

"And it's that president who has decided you are his man".

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe, former federal circuit court judge Timothy K. Lewis, and Obama ethics attorney Norman Eisen on Tuesday issued a paper through the Brookings Institute, arguing that Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick, should back down from any case which involves Trump. "I say wrongheadedly because at least to me the answer is plainly - and easily - no".

The Senate is likely to vote on confirmation by the end of September.