Plastic Pollution Kills 100,000 Marine Animals Every Year - Says AfDB

Posted June 10, 2018

U.N. Environment also released a report Tuesday detailing global efforts to combat plastic pollution, including bans on styrofoam and non-biodegradable plastic bags.

But there needs to be broader work with businesses to extend the responsibility of producers for their waste, and to create incentives for a more sustainable approach to plastic production and consumption.

The Day has been celebrated across the world to raise awareness on current and emerging environmental issues such as pollution, overpopulation, biodiversity conservation, global warming, among others.

According to Cheema, most of these plastics eventually make their way into rivers, water channels and finally, into the oceans.

On World Environment Day, Guterres is encouraging everyone to also stop using plastic products which are designed just to be thrown away, such as plastic bottles. "If you can't reuse it, refuse it". They promise to make this the largest and most substantial World Environment Day ever.

Single use plastic is a matter of great concern as it is not bio-degradable. Oxfam and its partners have mobilized students, in fabric bag distributions, plastic cleanup drives and tree plantations in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Lahore and Karachi to help mitigate plastic pollution in Pakistan.

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While acknowledging that combating plastic waste is different for every country, the United Nations report suggested 10 universal steps that policymakers can follow, including use of more eco-friendly alternatives to plastics and the promotion of reusable products.

Since the first World Environment Day on June 5, 1974, the world has changed and challenges associated with Environmental protection have increased. "Together, let us ensure that our future generations live in a clean and green planet, in harmony with nature". The report examines the plastic pollution state in 2018, analyses the action implemented against plastic pollution and proposes ten-steps for the policymakers to follow.

"These mainly find their ways into the water bodies disintegrating to micro-plastic which are consumed by aquatic animals and ultimately kills them or are transferred into the food chain".

Scotland has committed to phase out the use of non-recyclable plastics and is now designing a deposit return scheme for drinks packaging that could see recycling rates of more than 90 per cent.

The above initiative by India is the most ambitious one, which is meant to tackle plastic pollution, compared to the actions announced by 60 world counties.