Hurricane season officially begins in Atlantic

Posted June 04, 2018

The hurricane season begins June 1 and runs through November 30.

NOAA said that there is a 75% chance that this year's hurricane season will see near or more than the average number of storms in the basin but unfortunately, as usual, the latest forecast can not predict precisely where the storms might hit. Hours later, the first named storm of the hurricane season - Alberto - had formed in the northwestern Caribbean Sea.

Graham said his office's job with any new officials "is going to be to educate".

Last season, the Atlantic saw 17 named storms, with 10 turning into hurricanes, breeding six major category storms, of course including Irma.

"Major hurricanes like Harvey and Irma seem to be making residents more aware of the dangers of hurricane season and the need to make advanced preparations", Futch said.

So far, the 2018 hurricane season is exhibiting characteristics similar to 1986, 2001, 2012, and 2014.

This time past year this region was warmer than normal and this pattern continued through the hurricane season.

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This outlook is a general guide to the overall seasonal hurricane activity in the central Pacific basin and does not predict whether or how many of these systems will affect Hawaii.

Hurricane season officially starts today, June 1, and with it comes constant checking of the weather and the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when storm "developments" start taking shape.

A major reason that hurricanes and tropical storms are becoming more potent has to do with the warming of the atmosphere.

"Other new products we are implementing are storm surge watch and higher-accuracy wind maps", Brown said.

Hurricane Irma provided a valuable reminder of often-repeated advice from the National Hurricane Center: "Don't focus on the skinny black line" at the center of the the agency's forecast hurricane track.

"We issue these forecasts to satisfy the curiosity of the general public and to bring attention to the hurricane problem", the university said. GWS uses weather cycle data to predict hurricanes four years into the future.

An active El Nino season creates wind shear that tears apart the storms as they develop. "Enough prescription medications to get through the event", Wool said. Broward's emergency planning division signed off on Hollywood Hills' emergency plan last year, even though it missed critical details about air conditioning and copy-pasted its hurricane drill from the previous year. Take steps, they say, like knowing where important documents are, having supplies and knowing what the evacuation plans are should a major storm bear down. You want to make sure you've got a first-aid kit.