Donald Trump isn't on the 2018 ballot. Except, he sort of is

Posted June 08, 2018

There are now seven Republican lawmakers - from Rep. Jeff Denham in the northern San Joaquin Valley to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in Southern California - who occupy House seats in districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. That's more than the 222,229 Republicans that turned out.

McCarthy, who placed first in his own California primary Tuesday night, went on to highlight that in November, voters will have the option to repeal the gas tax in a ballot initiative - a move that Republicans see as a winning issue for GOP candidates across the state this fall. That could prop up conservative turnout in November even as Newsom tries to rally his base against the candidate he calls a "foot soldier" of President Trump. Katie Porter, a law professor, earned a spot in November's race against Republican U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, and Katie Hill, a 30-year-old former nonprofit director, appeared poised to take on Republican incumbent Steve Knight.

California is key to Democrats' hopes of gaining a majority in the 435-seat House, which would require flipping 23 seats.

So now what for the California GOP?
. They also said Republican candidates combined for more votes than Democrats in six of the seven competitive California congressional districts. The national party leadership backed Harley Rouda, a real estate executive, while California's Democratic Party endorsed his opponent, Hans Keirstead, a former University of British Columbia medical researcher.

For Republican politicians, openly disavowing Trump has consequences. The Republican who thought - we thought might squeak through isn't even - it doesn't look like at this point anywhere near them.

In the wake of the 2016 presidential nomination process, it became fashionable to talk about the declining influence of the two major USA political parties on their voters. By securing a Republican candidate in the governor's race, Republicans have ensured a significant voting block will turn out to vote for House seats as well. At last count, the various Democratic candidates for governor cobbled together more than 60 percent of the vote, compared to less than 40 percent for the Republicans. The incumbent lawmaker outran Mr. Trump in the district by 16 percentage points, according to the Los Angeles Times, and is favored by political handicappers in his general election race against Democrat T.J.

Democrats advanced candidates in two hotly-contested races left open by retiring Republicans. Haaland, for example, served as state party chair before running for Congress. The lack of an "R" next to his name may have helped.

"We never said that this would be easy", he said, touting the DCCC's efforts to invest early and big in the state. For months he has argued that the party's way forward is to consistently remind voters that Democrats have controlled every lever of power in Sacramento for eight years-and are therefore responsible for any problems facing the state. The measure would have required a one-time, two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature on how program money is spent, which could have given Republicans a greater say in the process. [Senator] McConnell is right to push Schumer and he's upset because it's going to be humid here and because they haven't done their work.

"It's going to be Trump, Trumpism and the Resistance", said Newsom spokesman Nathan Click, describing the campaign ahead.

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California voters are rejecting the Democratic mantra of tax hikes, protecting sanctuary cities, and the hyper-partisan and baseless impeachment witch hunt.

Republicans, meanwhile, are counting on a ballot initiative to repeal the state's gas tax increase, passed a year ago, to drive up GOP turnout. "We're confident voters will support our strong challengers and incumbents across the state to continue that historic progress".

Can Democrats take back the House and Senate?

As FoxNews claimed the California's primary was a victory for the Republicans and MSNBC said the same about the Democrats, the truth is the results of California's primary were rather mixed. Newsroom's campaign also boosted Cox, fearing an expensive battle against Villaraigosa in the general election.

As Newsom stopped by the San Francisco Ferry Building at lunchtime to thank supporters, he said it's important for Californians to fight the president's agenda on immigration, health care and the environment - an agenda he says Cox shares.

KELLY: Well, this brings me to my next question.

Madrid says it's too late. Cox and Allen saw their polls rise.

It could take more than a week before all the votes are tallied in three congressional districts Democrats are hoping to flip.

Originally published by the Public Policy Institute of California.