‘Destiny 2’ Getting New Gambit PvP Mode

Posted June 06, 2018

Along the way, you'll discover new weapons, new mods, and even a brand new weapon type. You get to play how you want, whether it's Destiny 1's weapon slot system, Destiny 2's, or even insane new loadouts like triple-shotguns.

Unlike The Taken King, Forsaken is not adding new subclasses, but current ones will get new super moves. It's really more of a montage, running through the basic details of the piles upon piles of changes that will be coming to the game this fall. This change could potentially open up a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to more specialised play styles. Two-handed hammers for Titans, electric teleportation for Warlocks, and. The Dreaming City is a attractive location that is the home of the Awoken, a place that hides dark secrets and the expansions endgame activities like the new Raid.

Bungie said the partnership with NetEase would allow the company to explore new directions.

While little else is known about Gambit's mechanics, which will likely undergo additional tuning from now until its September 4 release, Tuesday's year-two broadcast showed Guardians "banking" Motes of Light and taunting their opponents from behind a transparent wall separating two teams.

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This will add more grind to the game as the most hardcore players chase the best stats and drops, which is something that many of those players have wanted.

We'll learn more about the story of the campaign at E3 2018, but we also got a glimpse of the PvPvE mode Gambit during the live stream reveal on Tuesday. During this, certain actions will impact the other team, and at times, one person from the team can go over to the other side to attack the other team.

Another interesting feature is the "Collections" an "Triumphs" which track everything you have collected and achieved in the game, for the achievers out there.

Bungie's new partnership with NetEase does bring into question what the studio's plans for Destiny might be beyond the game's Year Two expansion. Earlier, the developer outlined the big changes hitting its shooter this September, as the alterations are rolled out alongside the title's next expansion, Destiny 2: Forsaken.