Waymo self-driving van involved in Arizona crash

Posted May 06, 2018

A Waymo self-driving vehicle was involved in a serious accident in Chandler, Arizona earlier this afternoon. It seems like the tech giants are struggling with the safe testing of the self-driving vehicles.

Video from the Waymo minivan shows the Honda coming at it.

Meanwhile, the autonomous vehicle incurred lesser damage as it was presumably hit at an angle from the side.

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Another self-driving vehicle accident happened in Chandler, Arizona that resulted in minor injuries.

In March, a woman, Elain Herzberg, was fatally hit by an Uber vehicle that was in autonomous mode in Tempe. Onlookers and witnesses posted pictures of the crash, showing the sedan front-end totally wrecked within the crumple zone along with broken glass from its windshield and windows. It's unclear at this stage what caused the silver Honda to swerve across the road into the path of the Waymo minivan. They said a Honda sedan swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle but ended up striking the Waymo SUV. Police said the minivan was in autonomous driving mode at the time of the accident and the vehicle had a safety driver who received minor injuries. For now, it seems like the autonomous vehicle was not directly responsible for the crash. After the auto Honda has deviated from the original route, the vehicle continued to move East, but the Western strip of Chandler Boulevard, where there was a collision with a minivan Waymo, which was moving in the Autonomous mode at a low speed. "This incident is still under investigation", the statement was given by the local police to the Techcrunch.