Rouhani says plans in place for any Trump decision on nuclear deal

Posted May 07, 2018

Trump is set to decide by May 12 whether to pull out of the Iran deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called the Iranian nuclear deal "horrible", saying that the deal allows the continuation of uranium enrichment and "Iranian enrichment".

"Today all (Iran's) political factions, whether they be from the right, the left, the conservatives, reformers and moderates are united", he added.

Speaking in Tehran after attending a Parliament session on Sunday, Mohammad Javad Zarif said during his recent trip to NY, he had talked with people who are now not part of the United States administration but were present during the previous nuclear negotiations including decision makers as well as political elites to transfer the realities about the JCPOA to them.

"Anyone who says there is nothing new in the material we showed has not seen the material", Netanyahu said, days after exposing Israel's acquisition of a huge archive of stolen Iranian nuclear plans, mostly relating to a covert bomb-making project that was halted in 2003.

Trump has strongly criticised the agreement, which he calls "insane".

But on the last day of his visit, Macron told reporters that he didn't think he'd succeeded. The deal loosens longtime economic sanctions on Tehran in exchange for Iran agreeing to limit its nuclear program.

Trump has not told Israel whether he will change or scrap the deal, a senior Israeli intelligence official said on Sunday.

Macron reiterated that he wants to maintain the Iranian nuclear accord, while "complementing" it with talks on Iran's ballistic-missile program and regional activities, according to an interview he gave to Le Journal du Dimanche.

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Beyond that, there have been tensions between Israel and Iran in Syria, where Tehran is backing Bashar al-Assad s regime.

Iran is ready to potential scenarios after "necessary instructions" were given to Iranian executive bodies months ago, said Rouhani, noting that instructions were given to officials in the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.

Tehran "will build as many missiles and weapons as needed" for its defence, he said.

"If you do nothing to this deal, if you keep it as is, you will end up with Iran with a nuclear arsenal in a very short time".

"We want to preserve our peaceful nuclear technology for electricity, medicine, agriculture and health... and we do not seek to threaten the world or the region", Rouhani said.

While Rouhani did not elaborate on this point, Iran's ally the Syrian government has consistently referred to all armed opponents as "terrorists" and accused the West of facilitating terrorism.

He also warned: "Only Iran would gain from abandoning the restrictions on its nuclear programme".

Such a statement would amount to a USA threat to violate the deal in the future if Iran came too close to a bomb capability. And Iran can not realistically expect, even after the enrichment restraints expire, that any U.S. president would sit back and watch as Iran edged up to the precipice of a nuclear weapons capability.