Google Assistant on Wear OS gets smart suggestions and Assistant Actions

Posted May 04, 2018

Google Assistant powers the Google Home much the same way Amazon's Alexa powers the Amazon Echo, although Amazon still works with more smart home gadgets. However, in the coming days, Assistant will follow up with additional suggested queries. We'll find out more about what else Wear OS by Google has in store at I/O next week.

For example, if a user asks the Google Assistant a question they will be readily provided with the relevant answers in the display of Wear OS.

Videos: Show users how to make the dish by adding a video array. Now, when you ask Google Assistant something like "What's the weather today?", you will hear a response from either your Wear OS device's speaker or your connected headphones. Previously, My Day information was merely displayed on the watch, not dictated out loud.

Since its inception, we've watched as Google has brought their own virtual assistant to hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets, and even dedicated hardware like Google Home and the smaller Google Home Mini. Actions, for those who don't know, are capabilities of Assistant built by Google, developers, publishers, or other third parties. Google notes that is aimed at providing quick interactions, and similar to how Assistant works on phones with a carousel of suggestion chips at the bottom of every screen.

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Google Assistant is also compatible with over one million "actions", which are things that it can do.

A few weeks ago we looked at setting up Google Home Routines following Google's rollout of the new home automation feature.

Google Assistant made its debut on smartwatches past year with the launch of Android Wear 2.0. These updates, however, should keep Wear OS users pretty happy in the meantime. For example, to set up a "Good night" routine, you'd choose to use a "voice" action and then simply type in "Good night" where Alexa prompts you to enter a phrase.