Bethesda officially announces RAGE 2, raging reveal trailer set for tomorrow

Posted May 14, 2018

The run up to the reveal of Rage 2 has been somewhat fitting for a game that seems like it's going to revolve around chaos and anarchy. Then again, never had the end of the world looked so good, thanks to the id Tech 5 engine and it's bonkers megatextures.

The original Rage from id Software released in 2010 and had a fairly average reception critically.

Trigger finger itchy already? Just please ditch the Suicide Squad aesthetic before it's too late, OK, Rage 2? The revelation comes just ahead of the official announcement from its publisher Bethesda, that is scheduled for today i.e May 14, 2018.

The Rage 2 trailer is embedded below. Ever since the company's Canadian site suffered a "glitch" that exposed a pretty sizeable list of previously unconfirmed games, Bethesda didn't exactly try to deny RAGE 2. However, it's clear from the live-action trailer that the Rage 2 team is aiming for a combination of Mad Max: Fury Road, Borderlands, Fallout, and a level of insanity that we can't quite put words to. These shots of the game's enemies is coupled with an audio track inviting players to "get ready to die".

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For now, few other details on the game's content have been confirmed, but that is likely to change with the gameplay reveal trailer to be released on Tuesday afternoon. Stay tuned to Shacknews for all your E3 coverage.

Check out the announcement trailer below. Most importantly, though, the iconic sharp-edged boomerang, the Wingstick, will return to eviscerate any unfortunate targets. But we'll be sure to update the article as soon as we find out.

Bethesda followed up with a series of Rage-related images on Twitter, most of which contained the numbers 5:14, presumably a reference to today's date. They started by tweeting various pictures that seemed innoculous, at first, but held a secret many didn't notice at first. The inclusion of a Rage sequel had many doubting the listing's accuracy, but here we are. Its twists were predictable and the lore contextualising the world felt derivative. Given the zaniness of the announcement trailer, things are looking rosy there.

Aside from a grotesque bandit population, driving sections and a three-finned boomerang, the Wingstick, appear to have been retained from "Rage".