Madonna loses legal battle to stop auction of Tupac break-up letter

Posted April 25, 2018

The New York Daily News reported on Monday (April 23), Justice Gerald Lebovitz ruled that under a 2004 agreement with Lutz, Madge forfeited her right over her private items.

According to Reuters, the items had originally been listed for sale at auction a year ago, but Madge filed a temporary restraining order against the ny auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

U.S. pop singer Madonna.

Lutz fought back, insisting the lawsuit should be dismissed because she had been given the belongings by Madonna herself while they were friends, but the singer maintained she was unaware the items, which also included a hairbrush containing strands of her hair, and a pair of her unwashed panties, had been in Lutz's possession until she learned of the online sale. "I never meant to hurt you".

Madonna had just three years under NY state law to recover a trove of "highly personal items" that went missing after she moved out of her Miami home around 2004.

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Madonna previously insisted her love letter shouldn't be sold because it was "intensely personal".

In the emotional break-up letter dated January 15, 1995, Tupac said that dating a black man could only help her career, while being with a white woman could harm his.

As a result the latter's auction house has announced that the remaining items will now be auctioned off in July.

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge came to the decision Monday that Lutz could give the items to auction house Gotta Have It Collectibles. Perhaps with the controversy surrounding its sale, it might even catch a larger sum when it heads back to the auction block likely soon. Now, a judge has ruled that it will remain available for purchase, despite Madonna's objections. "And all the high-priced attorneys she hired couldn't change that fact", Jeffrey Haas, an attorney for the auction house added.

A lawyer for Madonna did not immediately return a message for comment.

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