Here's a Look at WWE Hell in a Cell Results

Posted October 10, 2017

But just because Hell In A Cell was satisfying enough to watch, that doesn't mean the WWE didn't make some very bad choices last night. Styles and McMahon have a history and a respect for each other after their match at WrestleMania earlier this year, Owens and Styles feuded over the United States Championship over the summer, and of course, there's the latest animosity between Shane-O and KO.

The big spectacle match lived up to expectations even if it did feel 5-10 minutes longer than it needed to be.

The remainder of the card tonight was a little underwhelming, each one for different reasons. While the Singh Brothers certainly contributed some distractions, Jinder beat Shinsuke Nakamura on his own merits. This, needless to say, is not ideal. The referee tossed them out, allowing Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa knee strike. Jinder Mahal is still the champ.

WWE isn't quite done squeezing the juice out of these two. It was Roode who won after a series of roll-up pinfalls.

I probably should've seen the Corbin win coming to moment Tye Dillinger was added to the match. It's also apparent why you don't see matches this brutal on a more frequent basis.

That includes a pre-show #Tag Team Match featuring the team of Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin as they take on The Hype Bros. Would we get some pleasant surprises from some areas of the under card? He showed fear when the cell lowered. Read on the find out!

- WWE 2K18 was used to predict some of tonight's Hell in a Cell matches.

It's hard to explain my thought process here without giving away one of my predictions for later in this article, but I don't think it's anything you weren't already expecting.

This is exactly what's happened between the New Day and Usos. That honor goes to the cell match that came some 8 months later. However, it's gotten to a cringe-worthy point where it's just gotten embarrassing. Sometimes it's possible to forget that Big E is a monster, because WWE usually doesn't book him as one.

God, this show has really run out of steam.

Finally, The Usos landed a double splash with a steel chair from the top rope onto Woods to reclaim the titles. It also makes for a grand contrast in tones; with New Day having been beloved by fans for embracing a self-generated gimmick based on the comedy-contrast between their imposing physicality and shared love of video games, anime and geek-culture ephemera set against The Uso's still-evolving gritty street-brawler aesthetic.

Undertaker and Edge were in the midst of a great rivalry in 2008, and their match at that year's Summerslam event was the highlight. Maybe not, but it was great. It will feature match previews, analysis, interviews, and the free tag team match for fans to enjoy ahead of the main PPV. I think we all can agree on that. Despite the commendable effort, the ending was meh. Consider the fact that Smackdown's tag team division is widely small and lacking in depth. The match would come to an end as a final New Day counterattack would be stifled. provided an update on his condition shortly after the show. So without further ado, let's take a look at what actually went down by checking out the WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results.