Helping People Affected By Mental Ill-Health Into Work

Posted October 10, 2017

Almost 15% of people experience mental health problems in the workplace.

'Public attitudes are changing - but would you know what to do if a work colleague had depression or you came across someone potentially about to kill themselves?

58% said they wouldn't be comfortable telling their manager if they were diagnosed with a mental health issue, and just 20% thought their manager was fully equipped to support workers with such issues. A study by the World Health Organization found that such disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year.

Today is World Mental Health Day and a North Yorkshire charity is offering its services to schools in the county. So if you are working in an environment where you are not vallued, not respected and the there is no certain flexibility in the workplace then you are working in a unhealthy environment. Even more concerning, one in six don't seek treatment for six years, and only about four in 10 anxiety sufferers even take that step.

Depression is a disease of the brain.

The number of people contacting NHS 24's mental health line has more than doubled over the past decade, rising from 38,000 in 2006 to 87,000 in 2016. Some people describe stigma as a feeling of shame or judgement from someone else.

There are no hard and fast rules for the mental health breaks, and you can literally embrace anything which offers your mind maximum relaxation. And looking at these, we are all at risk of developing a mental health problem at some point in life. That's over a quarter of British students suffering from mental health problems at university. "In fact, depression is the leading cause of disease burden for women in both high-income and low- and middle-income countries".

And Alistair Burns, national clinical director for Dementia at NHS England, added: "Depression and anxiety affect almost eight million people over 55, but can often go unnoticed and untreated". As an issue that increasingly touches almost all of our lives I am determined to maintain momentum so that no-one needlessly loses out on satisfaction and stability of a good job. "Ten years from now, we would like every company to report on the overall health and wellbeing of their employees, as they now report on EBITDA or depreciation". Talk to someone you can trust - it could be a friend, a family member, a teacher, a doctor, a counsellor or a helpline - or go to the YoungMinds website for more information about how to find support.

Most new moms experience "baby blues", but they usually pass a week or two after delivery.

Listen. Encourage the individual to get professional help for depression if he or she is resisting. Slowly but surely, it has started appearing on the radar of the common man.