Florida waives rules for students, teachers fleeing Hurricane Maria

Posted October 07, 2017

"So it's sort of we gave an inch and they want a mile which is great it's that sort of support that we're seeing from across the system", Cohen said. Puerto Rico lacks the rights of USA states.

Amidst its own natural disasters that have killed hundreds, Mexico sent relief aid to those in need in Puerto Rico. Anthony Suarez is the president of Florida's Puerto Rico Bar Association, and he's helping coordinate the program.

There may be differing opinions about what the USA should do about Puerto Rico's debt, but there can not be two opinions about hurricane relief.

Carrying signs that read "Relieve and Rebuild", community leaders and organizations including Vamos4PR marched outside of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, which organizers called a major contributor to the island's debt. He did all right when responding to the emergencies in Texas and Florida, but Puerto Rico is different, apparently.

About 80 percent of gas stations around the island have opened and have been disturbing fuel to people in need. Who knows how many people will die because they couldn't get dialysis while the power was out, or they ran out of food and couldn't reach help?

In the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane - which made landfall in the US three times - a reported 1,833 people died, according to the Washington Post.

"SUNY has a responsibility, as a public institution, to step in and help students when circumstances beyond their control may affect their ability to attend, pay for, and succeed in college", SUNY board chairman H. Carl McCall said in a statement. Instead, Puerto Rico will have to go through the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. However, US authorities were slow to accept and after the September 7 natural disaster, Mexico revoked the offer, saying it had to concentrate on its own relief efforts. "But the reality is, Marco [host of The World], it took about three hours of bureaucracy and red tape just to take off the ground and do one mission", says Garsd.

"They are concerned about what's going on and trying to provide shelter, and the best thing we can do is if they're in this district to provide some stability and that's through education".