Google Home Mini And Home Max Revealed

Posted October 06, 2017

To power the device, you'll need to use the microUSB port. It can set reminders, control other smart devices, etc. The devices don't have any headphone jack.

Google's wireless Pixel Buds appear to be an Apple AirPod competitor at first blush, but once again software makes it something more. It's a whopping 20X louder than the original Google Home and is created to give the best music experience possible.

Preorders for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have already begun.

Google's annual hardware event on 4 October didn't disappoint.

A year after introducing Google Assistant, the company is rolling out new features for the digital assistant, which will be available over the next few months. Google, unlike Apple and Amazon, is primarily an advertising company. While Mini is the smaller version of the standard Google Home both in terms of designs and working, Max is the most premium product of the three.

You can simply place the Google Clips camera in your living room, turn it on by twisting the lens, and get along with your family. It requires a single time setup only.

Similar to the Pixel Buds, Mini is also cloth-covered. The Google Clips may be a hard sell but you can't say that it's not incredibly exciting and a nice looking piece of hardware too. The new Google Pixel Buds are priced at $159. An iPhone can still be found via Home, but it's just a phone call.

The standard Google Home speaker features a white plastic shell sitting atop a colored speaker mesh.

The field of view is now 10 to 15 degrees wider than the previous edition.

Google Clips is a Go-Pro sized camera.

Google's new Smart Sound tech scans the Home Max's surroundings to optimise audio output.

Google's yesterday's press event's beef was definitely in the Pixel 2 launch but there was plenty of other new products on display as well.

The hockey puck-like Google Home Mini comes in three colours: chalk, charcoal and coral.

Google's well-leaked launch last night managed to retain one significant surprise: the release of a Google Home Max "intelligent" loudspeaker.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Google's going right after Apple's new HomePod speaker with the Home Max. It is priced at Dollars 399.

Clips will sell for nearly $250 and will be available in stores in December. Accompanied by a truly easy-to-use interface and app, the Google Clips comes with a funky clip to attach the Clips to most environments. Google is adding a feature to find your phone with a voice command, even if the phone is on silent. Prices for the iPhone X start at $1,000. You can have plenty of choice with the RAM and storage options as per your requirements. However, you can talk to it. You can tap the middle to play/pause, tap the side to adjust volume and long press the middle to activate the Google Assistant. But if it's multi-room Spotify across a load of old speakers or Home devices you're after, then a combination of ChromeCast Audios and a Home Mini could be a better choice.

Want more of the latest news, sport & entertainment? This Google Home Mini works like a regular Home smart speaker. However, you have to wait for some more days to get a hands-on of these devices.