Tech giants vow to fight Trump's move against child immigrants

Posted September 11, 2017

Trump has said he has love for those who benefited from DACA - about 800,000 people who were brought to the US illegally as children or came with families who overstayed visas - and was hopeful Congress would help them during the six months before the change goes into effect.

I don't know what's in Trump's mind (it's a place I'd prefer not to go), but he said that he was giving Congress 6 months to address the issue before Obama's order would be rescinded.

"If this goes all the way down to its logical conclusion, in February and March it will be a civil war inside the Republican Party that will be every bit as vitriolic as 2013", he said.

About 1,200 DACA recipients now attend state schools and community colleges in Virginia, where Attorney General Mark Herring said in 2014 that DACA students are considered lawfully present and can therefore qualify for enrollment if they are accepted. Avoiding turmoil in health-insurance markets is worth flouting the law; avoiding turmoil in the lives of illegal immigrants - even a highly sympathetic subset of them - isn't. A much more comprehensive immigration reform bill, which would have given around 11 million immigrants legal status while imposing tougher border security, got 14 Republicans to cross the aisle in 2013. David Perdue that would strictly limit chain migration as well as re-balance current immigration policy in favor of skilled immigrants.

Trump's aides are right about President Barack Obama.

The earlier USA administration under President Barack Obama had, in 2012, offered hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants right for permanent stay in the country in exchange of information on their home addresses, study and work and their date of entry in the United States.

Amazon and Microsoft have already joined a lawsuit led by a coalition of state governments in support of DACA.

Demonstrators showed their outrage at the White House's proposal to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program - despite the support of two-thirds of the US population. And now, it throws the ball straight into Congress' court.

"DACA takes priority from (ICE officers) and puts power into a system that has requirements, a form and a fee", Motomura said. He said his administration would stop deporting illegal immigrants who matched the criteria in the proposed DREAM act, including arriving in the United States before age 16, residing continuously in the U.S. for at least five years, and graduating from a USA high school or obtaining a General Education Diploma, and having good moral character. It's not at all clear. The progressive think tank the Center for American Progress estimated that ending DACA would wipe away at least $433.4 billion from our nation's GDP. Senior Republican senator Lindsey Graham introduced it, and its 10 co-sponsors include the Democrats' Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer. Mike Coffman and Carlos Curbello.

He later became a recipient of the DACA program, which gave him not only the ability to travel through airports but temporary protection from deportation and the ability to work. They argue that Obama overstepped the constitutional authority of the presidency. And although private scholarships are not governed by citizenship requirements, they come with their own set of qualifications that tend to shut out undocumented immigrants. Therefore, there is serious concern that hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients would face deportation to a country where they'd have to start all over.

U.S. Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called last week for quick passage of the bipartisan DREAM Act 2017.

"The breadth and scope of the impact of the president's, I'd say, heartless decision is going to be felt here more than anywhere else", Becerra said. But now it's up to Republicans to clean up that mess.